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Counseling Services

Our licensed, professional and experienced counselors offer many
methods to promote emotional, spiritual and physical health
and wholeness.

We offer the following services
In a culturally sensitive manner

Individual Adult Counseling

Individuals seek counseling for many different reasons, usually because some part of their life is causing them pain. This pain may be due to childhood or adult trauma, depression, relationship concerns, job or family difficulties or low self-esteem.   These concerns can be dealt with so that the individual can lead a more productive, satisfying life.  Please check our Publication section  of this site for some helpful articles.

Couples Counseling

Counseling helps couples identify issues that may be causing disconnection in their relationship. They learn and practice skills that will enable them to reconnect and find new meaning in their partnership.  We work with married, unmarried, and gay and lesbian couples.

Sometimes couples ask for help too late. There is too much hurt and resentment and one or both want out – divorce counseling helps the process of disengaging.  Please check our Publication section of this site for helpful articles on Relationships. 

Family Counseling

Some families need the safety of an objective person to discuss the problems   they are experiencing. A professional family therapist is skilled in teaching healthy communication skills, conflict resolution, fair fighting and the art of negotiation and compromise.   With the help of counseling, families can find ways of offering love and support to each other, with every person getting their needs met.

Growth and Change

Growth and change are a part of everyone’s life.  Sometimes we welcome it and sometimes we resist it.  Counseling and therapy can help.  Everyone needs someone to assist them with the rough, difficult parts of that growth and change process. 


“Counseling helped us
gain a new understanding
 of each other. 
When we first came
we were “stuck
in a rut” and
ready to
call it quits. 
Counseling helped

us see ourselves
and how we each
needed to make
changes that
would make our
marriage alive again.”

Michael and Carol


New Patients
Before your first session, please fill out the intake form which can be downloaded by clicking the link here Counseling Intake Form