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Group Counseling can be useful in the following ways:

·        Improve relationships
·        Get support
·        Overcome obstacles
·        Learn better communication skills
·        Resolve old issues
·        Learn more about themselves
·        Deal with people in their lives
·        Deal with addictive behaviors
·        And many others 

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Family Support
Enneagram GroupWomen Together


This group focuses on helping its members work through issues in the present and from the past. In this process, women learn to bond and connect in a safe, empowering and meaningful manner.  Self-disclosure
and feedback are encouraged and stressed as women move forward  becoming the healthy persons they are meant to be.  This leads them to connect with themselves, others and God.

From one of the members:    The group that I am a part of is a circle made up of several women of varying ages and in various stages of life.  You'd think we wouldn't have much in common.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  We have found that women are women regardless of age, marital status or race.  The group has seen me through some dark times and has celebrated life's victories.  This group has been a valuable tool to not only survive life, but to THRIVE in this life.  I have found strength, compassion, caring and perhaps the greatest gift - knowing that I am not the only one with the feelings that come up for me.   

Dates and Times               
Three Times per Month:  Call for dates

The Connection Center, Inc.
7410 Blanco Rd., #100
Other locations as needed

$25.00 per session

Beverly Valtierra, Ph.D., LCSW

To Register Call
Beverly Valtierra
(210) 366-1662


Simply, groups help people grow and change. 

Growth and change are a part of everyone’s life.  Sometimes we welcome it and sometimes we resist it.  Group counseling and therapy can help.
Everyone needs others to assist them with the rough, difficult parts of that growth and change process.