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Family Support Group

This group is sponsored by New Choices Treatment Center, San Antonio, Tx and is open to anyone in a relationship with an alcoholic or addict.  Living with an addict/alcoholic can be very tedious to say the least. Families and loved ones find themselves in the position of enabling the very behavior that is hurting the addict and allowing the addiction to continue.

Group members share their stories in a safe environment in order to receive support and find new ways of relating to the addict.  The group is 12-step friendly.


Facilitator:  Joan Ellis Thompson, LPC, LCDC


Free of charge

To Register Call
Joan Ellis Thompson
(210) 525-1979


Simply, groups help people grow and change. 

Growth and change are a part of everyone’s life.  Sometimes we welcome it and sometimes we resist it.  Group counseling and therapy can help.
Everyone needs others to assist them with the rough, difficult parts of that growth and change process.