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Story of Synthesis

by Dennis Darilek, MDiv., M.A.

After years of searching, a seeker was told to go to a cave and in the cave would be a well.  Look into the water and ask the well, “What is truth?”  The well will reveal the secret of wisdom to you.  The well tells the seeker to go to the crossroads.  At the intersection, he sees three shops:  one with all kinds of metal, the other with all kinds of wood, and the other with all kinds of metal string.  As the seeker looks at all the shops, he notices nothing, sees nothing, hears nothing, but only these three shops.  None of this seemed to be related to the issue of truth.

He went back to the well, and was told by the well, “In the future, you will understand.”  Well, the seeker felt betrayed and kept his journey looking for the truth.  Years passed by.

Then one night, from the distance, he heard a sitar, making beautiful music.  As he came closer, he noticed how the music master played the sitar, how his hands moved and played each note.  He saw the love that was in the musician’s hand.  He saw what a beautiful instrument is was.  All of a sudden, the seeker burst out with joy and laughter, he jumped up and down, and howled to the top of his voice.

What he had noticed was that the sitar was made of the same wood, metal, and strings that he had seen years before at that crossroads, at those stores that he thought to be without particular significance.

Moral:  We have all we need.  Our task is to assemble it all.  Nothing is meaningful as long as we perceive only separate fragments.