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20 Questions for Loved Ones of Alcoholics

Have you …. 

1.       Been embarrassed by the behavior of someone you know after he/she drinks?

2.       Poured out liquor to keep someone from drinking?

3.       Felt your behavior was making someone drink?

4.       Threatened to leave someone because of too much drinking?

5.       Called work to give an excuse for someone who could not go to work that day because of too much to drink the day or night before?

6.       Felt angry that your family was not being taken care of because so much money was being spent on alcohol?

7.       Felt fearful at what would happen to you and/or your children if drinking continued in your family?

8.       Gone looking for someone who you think is out drinking?

9.       Called bars, neighbors, friends looking for someone you believe is drinking?

10.   Increased your own alcohol consumption to keep up with someone who is a heavy drinker?

11.   Wished that alcoholic drinks could be outlawed?

12.   Wanted to move and start over as a solution to the problems of heavy drinking?

13.   Been repulsed by another when he or she is drinking?

14.   Been unable to sleep because someone has stayed out late or not come home at all?

15.   Resented the fact that there is heavy drinking occurring in your family or with someone close to you?

16.   Felt hopeless about a drinking situation?

17.   Felt it was a disgrace to talk about a drinking problem?

18.   Cut down on your outside activities so that you could keep an eye on someone who is drinking?

19.   Nagged or gotten into quarrels with someone who drinks heavily?

20.   Felt that if the drinker would just stop drinking, everything would be okay?

If you responded yes to more than 5 questions, you may want to seek some professional help or attend the Family Support Group.  See the Connection Center Groups Here